New Indonesian Citizen Star Pursues Ambitious Goals

Excitement builds as Indonesian team gears up for crucial matches against Vietnam in World Cup qualifiers

The Indonesian national team is gearing up for two crucial matches against Vietnam this March as they compete in Group F of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in Asia. Coach Shin Tae-yong has called upon a squad featuring battle-tested naturalized stars from Europe to bolster their chances in these upcoming fixtures.

Among the standout players in the Indonesian lineup is Nathan Tjoe-A-On, who recently completed his naturalization process on March 11 with aspirations of participating in the World Cup qualifiers later this month. The 22-year-old, who belongs to Swansea City, expressed his eagerness to represent Indonesia on the international stage.

“Indonesian football fans are great and friendly,” remarked Tjoe-A-On, who is currently on loan at Heerenveen. “I once witnessed the passion and support of Indonesian fans during a match, which inspired me to don the Indonesian jersey.”

The Dutch-born midfielder is confident in his abilities to contribute to the growth of Indonesian football in the coming years. “I see a lot of potential in Indonesian football for the next 2 to 5 years, especially with the talented young players coming through the ranks,” he stated optimistically.

“I believe football in Indonesia has the potential for rapid development, and I hope to play a part in elevating the national team with my skills,” Tjoe-A-On added.

As the Indonesian team readies itself for the challenging encounters against Vietnam, fans can expect Tjoe-A-On to bring his talent and passion to the pitch as they aim to secure vital points in their quest for World Cup qualification.

With the support of the home crowd and the determination of their naturalized stars, Indonesia will look to make a mark on the international stage and continue their footballing journey towards greater success.

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