Hanoi FC invests over 500 billion in new home stadium

Hanoi FC Facing Decision to Choose New Home Stadium due to AFC Regulations

Three prominent capital clubs in Vietnam, Hanoi FC, CAHN, and Viettel, have been sharing the famous Hang Day stadium for their matches. However, a recent announcement by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has stipulated that only two of these three teams can use the same stadium if they are to participate in continental competitions.

This directive has led to the dilemma of Hanoi FC, CAHN, and Viettel needing to seek alternative home venues. In response, the leaders of Thai Nguyen province have extended an invitation to Hanoi FC to consider their local stadium as a potential home ground for V-League matches.

The Thai Nguyen stadium, currently under construction with a budget exceeding 535 billion VND and a seating capacity of about 22,000, is anticipated to be operational by October 2024. This development presents a feasible solution for Hanoi FC’s home stadium conundrum.

Speaking on behalf of Hanoi FC, President Do Vinh Quang expressed his admiration for the planned Thai Nguyen stadium, emphasizing its systematic and professional design, qualities not commonly found in neighboring provinces. He acknowledged that the club will carefully assess this option in collaboration with their technical department.

With the prospect of Hanoi FC potentially relocating their home matches to the Thai Nguyen stadium, the football community eagerly awaits the final decision from the club’s management. Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving development.

Duong Quang | 12:11 March 17, 2024

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