Hanoi FC President’s Immediate Impact on Vietnamese Football

Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Vietnamese Football: Hanoi FC President’s Efforts to Support Female Players

Female football players in Vietnam are still facing a significant income gap compared to their male counterparts, despite their remarkable achievements on both the international and regional stages. Do Vinh Quang, the President of Hanoi FC and Thai Nguyen Women’s Club, is determined to bridge this disparity by securing lucrative contracts for the players from the tea country.

In an interview with Thanh Nien newspaper, Mr. Do Vinh Quang outlined his vision for Vietnamese women’s football. He acknowledged the progress made by the team over the years, citing victories in major tournaments like the SEA Games and the AFF Cup. However, he emphasized the need to close the existing gap with top-tier football leagues, particularly in terms of player income in the national women’s football championship.

Thai Nguyen Women’s Club made headlines recently by signing three top recruits, signaling their commitment to providing female players with a stable income and a conducive environment for professional growth. The transfer deals orchestrated by the club aim to offer financial security to the players and their families, fostering long-term development and creating a sense of certainty about their future in the sport.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that female players can sustain themselves through football, potentially even achieving financial prosperity. By offering competitive salaries that reflect their dedication and hard work, the hope is that more families will support their daughters’ dreams of pursuing a career in football. A fair and rewarding system will not only incentivize players to enhance their skills but also elevate the overall standard of women’s football in the country.

As the landscape of women’s football in Vietnam evolves, the initiatives undertaken by clubs like Thai Nguyen Women’s Club underline the importance of empowering female players and providing a platform for their sustainable growth. With a focus on economic stability, professional development, and long-term planning, these efforts are geared towards establishing a solid foundation for the future of women’s football in the country.

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