Soccer Coach Troussier avoids falling into his own coaching traps

Vietnam and Indonesia Prepare for Confrontational Matches at 2nd World Cup 2026

Vietnam and Indonesia are gearing up for crucial clashes at the upcoming 2nd World Cup 2026 on March 21 and 26. These matches hold great significance in securing a spot in the next round and will have a direct impact on the positions of coaches Philippe Troussier and Shin Tae-yong. Troussier, in particular, faces mounting pressure as he has failed to notch a win in all 3 previous encounters against national teams, including 2 losses to Shin Tae-yong’s sides.

The French strategist’s emphasis on ball control and a coordinated playing style in small groups for the Vietnam national team has not yielded the desired results. This approach seems ill-suited for the physical attributes and abilities of the players, leaving them vulnerable to opponents’ tactics. Indonesia, under Shin Tae-yong, expertly imitated Troussier’s style during the 2023 Asian Cup, employing high-pressure tactics that caught Vietnam off guard.

Indonesia has since improved, bolstering their weaknesses with physical Indo-American resources and adding a modern touch to their gameplay. They are prepared to adapt their approach, a challenge Troussier’s squad must confront. With key veterans set to return, Troussier must devise new strategies to counter Indonesia’s advancements and lead his team to success.

As fans eagerly await the outcome of these crucial matches, Troussier’s ability to outmaneuver his counterpart will come under scrutiny. The pressure is on for the “White Witch” to showcase his leadership and deliver tangible results as Vietnam stands on the cusp of a pivotal moment in the World Cup journey.

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