Negeri Sembilan CEO Explains Decision to Release Veteran Striker

Reasons Behind Negeri Sembilan FC’s Decision to Release Veteran Striker Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak: CEO’s Explanation

The CEO of Negeri Sembilan FC, Faliq Firdaus, has elucidated the rationale behind the club’s decision not to retain veteran striker Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak for the upcoming Super League season. Faliq cited Zaquan’s advanced age of 37 years and his history of serious injuries as the primary factors influencing the club’s choice.

“Given his age and the scarcity of roster spots, maximizing opportunities and contributions becomes challenging,” Faliq remarked. He emphasized the financial constraints faced by the club, underscoring the potential risks associated with Zaquan’s injury-prone past, which includes five anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. The notification of Zaquan’s contract non-extension was described as a formality, as his contract had already lapsed on December 17, 2023.

Faliq disclosed that all players whose contracts were not renewed received similar letters, clarifying that the club remains open to offering Zaquan a coaching role. However, Faliq expressed disappointment over Zaquan’s decision to address the matter through the media rather than directly approaching the club to discuss his player status.

Prioritizing the club’s financial stability to avert potential salary-related issues within the team is paramount for Faliq, who underscored the necessity of making prudent decisions to safeguard the club’s interests.

Zaquan, upon learning of the club’s decision via a letter, expressed his sadness but ultimately accepted the news with a positive outlook. While Faliq emphasized the club’s need to focus on securing its financial standing, Zaquan’s acceptance of the situation indicates his understanding of the club’s perspective.

In navigating the intricacies of roster management and financial prudence, Negeri Sembilan FC and Zaquan Adha Abd Radzak find themselves at a crossroads, each contemplating their respective priorities and trajectories in the upcoming season. As the veteran striker bids farewell to Negeri Sembilan, the club and player’s paths diverge, marking a new chapter for both parties involved.

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