Coach Gong leads Vietnamese club; Soccer stars praise Europe

Rumors and Updates in Vietnamese Football: Coach Gong’s Possible Return, Soccer Stars Praised, and More

Coach Gong Ong-kyun’s potential return to Vietnam has stirred speculation about leading Hoa Binh FC. Despite this, Hoa Binh FC’s leadership confirmed no plans to appoint Gong Oh-kyun. The team is actively seeking a new captain for the upcoming season.

Following a V-League match, midfielder Nguyen Duc Chien received praise from coach Philippe Troussier for his European-style play. Despite the compliments, Chien remains modest, stating he needs to work harder to integrate better.

Luong Xuan Truong, in a podcast episode, shared the challenges he faced from anti-fans, advising him to quit football. Truong highlighted the impact of public scrutiny on social media, urging for respect and understanding from fans.

The Vietnamese national team resumed training, with stars like Nguyen Cong Phuong joining U23 Vietnam for additional sessions. Coach Troussier closely supervised training routines to ensure players adhered to team requirements.

Meanwhile, players from various clubs conducted recovery exercises as part of their post-national cup training regimen. Coach Troussier planned to finalize the team roster before the upcoming fixtures in Indonesia.

CAHN Club welcomed new recruits, with Patrik Le Giang and Sam Ngoc Duc deciding to remain at Ho Chi Minh City. In exchange, Vo Huy Toan joined CAHN on loan until the season’s end, bolstering the team’s defensive lineup.

Coach Shin Tae-yong expressed confidence in Indonesia’s ability to defeat Vietnam in their upcoming World Cup 2026 matches. Referring to past victories, Shin emphasized thorough preparation and player motivation to secure positive outcomes against the Vietnamese team.

As the football landscape evolves with coaching speculations, player insights, and upcoming matches, the Vietnamese football scene remains dynamic and full of anticipation for the future.

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