CAHN Fans Prepare ‘Huge’ Red Books for Hang Day Stadium Competition

Fans’ Controversy Over Hang Day Stadium Ownership in Vietnamese Football Community

The Vietnamese football community was recently stirred by news that one of the three teams, Hanoi FC, CAHN, and The Cong Viettel, would need to bid farewell to the Hang Day Stadium. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) imposed a regulation stating that three clubs cannot share the same stadium to prevent potential disqualification from continental tournaments. This decision has put a spotlight on the capital representative teams.

A meeting was held to address the situation, but the representatives from Hanoi FC, The Cong Viettel, and CAHN failed to reach a consensus. Hanoi FC expressed their reluctance to vacate the stadium, citing significant investments made to renovate and upgrade the facility. On the other hand, both The Cong Viettel and CAHN emphasized their rich tradition in the capital and their desire to preserve Hang Day Stadium as a symbolic venue.

In a surprising turn of events at Hang Day Stadium, CAHN fans made headlines by displaying a large banner featuring the inscription “Red Book HN10101956 – Hanoi Police Football Team – Home Stadium: Hang Day – Issued: 1956”. The banner, although not genuine, was swiftly removed. Nevertheless, this bold gesture from CAHN fans underscores their determination to secure the stadium as their home ground in the future.

While the fate of Hang Day Stadium remains uncertain for Hanoi FC, The Cong Viettel, and CAHN, the passionate display by fans reflects the deep-rooted connection between football clubs and their home turf. Amidst the ongoing discussions and debates, the teams will need to navigate the AFC regulations diligently to ensure their continued participation in upcoming competitions.

As the Vietnamese football landscape evolves, the saga surrounding Hang Day Stadium serves as a poignant reminder of the intricate relationships between clubs, supporters, and cherished football venues. Despite the challenges ahead, the dedication and loyalty of fans remain unwavering, echoing a sentiment that transcends mere sportsmanship. The unfolding drama at Hang Day Stadium epitomizes the enduring spirit of football in Vietnam, where tradition and modernity intersect on the hallowed grounds of the beautiful game.

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