New Zealand’s Newest Rivalry: Auckland FC vs Wellington Phoenix

Introducing New Zealand’s Newest Rivalry: Auckland FC vs. Wellington Phoenix

New Zealand’s football landscape is set for a new chapter with the emergence of Auckland FC, the A-Leagues’ latest club. In a historic moment, Auckland FC revealed their team name, logo, and inaugural jersey, as they prepare to make their mark in the Isuzu UTE A-League next season and the Liberty A-League in 2025-26.

To kick off the budding rivalry, Wellington Phoenix, currently second in the Isuzu UTE A-League alongside Central Coast Mariners, playfully petitioned for Auckland to be included in ‘Greater Wellington’. The Phoenix, known for their dominance at Auckland’s Eden Park, lamented the upcoming move away from the venue, where they have yet to lose an A-Leagues match.

Wellington’s general manager, David Dome, humorously highlighted Auckland’s lackluster football history compared to Wellington’s success, emphasizing the importance of keeping loyal fans within their support base. The Phoenix proposed relocating the Wellington border to accommodate Auckland within the Super City, ensuring continued support for the club.

Despite the jesting tone of the petition, Wellington’s plea to the New Zealand Government showcased their dedication to their fans and the desire to maintain a strong presence in both cities. As the rivalry between Auckland FC and Wellington Phoenix heats up, football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the competitive spirit and excitement that will define this emerging clash in New Zealand’s football landscape.

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