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Introducing the Interim Pre-Season Tournament: A Strategic Approach for the 2024–25 SPL Season

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) has announced plans for an Interim Pre-Season Tournament to prepare players for the upcoming 2024–25 Singapore Premier League (SPL) season and the FIFA World Cup qualifiers against China in March. This tournament, set to run from 23 February to 21 April 2024, will feature a single-round modified league format with 20 matches played across five game weeks.

The Interim Pre-Season Tournament aims to address the gap in competitive activity since the conclusion of the 2023 Singapore Cup. It will help SPL players maintain match fitness and prepare for an extended season while aiding coaches and backroom staff in optimizing team performance.

On a broader scale, changes in AFC Club Competitions and FIFA International Calendar adjustments have prompted a transition in the SPL calendar. The 2024–25 season will kick off on 4 May 2024, with subsequent seasons aligning with AFC Club Competitions. The Singapore Cup will integrate with the league calendar starting in January 2025, while the number of competitive matches will increase in the upcoming season.

The FAS has introduced new regulations for team composition, including a maximum of nine foreign players per club, with specific criteria to meet. Match day squad setup now requires a minimum of five local players per team. Fitness tests for SPL players will also adopt a data-driven approach, enhancing performance evaluation and player development.

These strategic changes for the 2024–25 season aim to boost the league’s competitiveness and appeal while aligning with global football calendars. Stay updated on the latest developments by following the SPL on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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