FAS Referees and SPL Club Representatives Collaborate for Transparency

FAS Referees Department Conducts Engagement Session with SPL Clubs

The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Referees Department recently held its third engagement session with Singapore Premier League (SPL) clubs on 14 September 2023. This initiative aims to enhance transparency in the decision-making process of SPL referees and foster better collaboration between clubs and match officials.

Taking place at the FAS Headquarters in the Jalan Besar Stadium, the session gathered Head Coaches and Team Managers from various SPL clubs. The focus of this meeting was on the disciplinary measures implemented by match officials, following up on the previous session’s discussions regarding the introduction of VAR.

The attendees unanimously agreed on the need for improvements in disciplinary measures. Peter De Roo, Head Coach of Balestier Khalsa, emphasized the importance of these sessions in working towards a common goal of ensuring fair play and player safety.

Noor Ali, Head Coach of Geylang International, praised the impact of VAR in improving officiating standards. He cited an incident involving his player, Naufal Azman, as an example of how VAR helps in addressing on-field infractions promptly and fairly.

Sukhbir Singh, Lead Development at Referees Department, highlighted the value of these engagement sessions in building stronger relationships between clubs and referees. He emphasized the role of such interactions in promoting mutual respect within the football community.

Following the positive reception of the engagement sessions, the FAS Referees Department plans to conduct more sessions regularly in the upcoming seasons. Similar initiatives will also be extended to other amateur divisions to strengthen the relationship between clubs and match officials.

These efforts signify a step towards better communication and understanding between all stakeholders involved in Singaporean football. Stay updated with the latest news and updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the football community continues to evolve.

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