Al-Ahly coach Pedro Miguel aims for victory in Umm Salal match

Al-Ahly Coach Pedro Miguel Emphasizes Importance of Continued Victories in Expo Stars League 2023-2024

Al-Ahly’s coach Pedro Miguel emphasized the importance of maintaining their winning streak as they prepare to face Umm Salal in the upcoming Expo Stars League match. Despite facing challenges due to injuries, including key players like Yazan Al-Naimat, Naeem Al-Saliti, Islam Yassin, and Abdul Rashid Ibrahim, Pedro remains focused on preparing his team for the tough encounter.

Acknowledging Umm Salal’s strength and talented squad, Pedro expressed confidence in his players’ abilities to secure a victory. He emphasized the need for his team to adapt to any circumstances on the field and is determined to lead them to success in the upcoming match.

After a morale-boosting win against Al Gharafa in the previous round, Pedro highlighted the significance of maintaining high performance levels and securing more victories. Uruguayan defender Ramon Arias also shared his enthusiasm for being part of Al-Ahly, emphasizing the importance of every match and the team’s collective effort to secure points.

Arias underlined the team’s determination to excel and score points in every game, emphasizing the players’ dedication to achieving victory. As they gear up to face Umm Salal, the team is focused on delivering a stellar performance and overcoming the challenges posed by injuries from the previous match.

The players are geared towards success, with a strong belief in their abilities and a collective desire to secure a win against their upcoming opponents. With the league at a crucial stage, every member of the team is urged to maintain focus and work towards obtaining vital points.

In conclusion, Al-Ahly’s coach and players are united in their commitment to achieving success on the field. With a winning mentality and a focus on maximizing their potential, they are prepared to face Umm Salal with determination and a strong desire to emerge victorious.

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