Perak FC CEO Launches Affordable Home Jersey to Combat Piracy

Perak FC CEO Bobie Farid Shamsudin Responds to Fans’ Requests with Affordable Home Jersey

Interim CEO of Perak FC, Bobie Farid Shamsudin, believes that the team’s new home jersey was designed based on fan feedback. Priced at just RM39 for a fan issue jersey, the affordable cost was a direct response to supporters’ requests for original jerseys at a ‘marhaen price.’

Bobie revealed that the decision to offer jerseys at such a low price was influenced by last year’s call from silver supporters for affordable merchandise due to the challenging economic climate. Despite the minimal profit margins for the team, the aim was to meet fans’ desires to connect with the club and combat the long-standing issue of jersey piracy.

The initial batch of Perak home jerseys is nearly sold out, indicating a growing demand for the product. Bobie emphasized the importance of addressing the piracy problem in the industry by undercutting illegal manufacturers with competitive pricing for genuine merchandise.

In an effort to tackle piracy, Bobie suggested adopting a strategy of offering authentic jerseys at affordable rates to attract consumers away from counterfeit vendors. By embracing this approach, he hoped to eliminate piracy and achieve significant sales figures for the club.

The introduction of low-priced original jerseys by Perak FC received widespread praise from football enthusiasts nationwide. Fans commended the club’s initiative in recognizing the economic difficulties faced by supporters and applauded the move to make authentic merchandise more accessible.

With an optimistic outlook on the potential success of the initiative, Bobie expressed confidence that Perak FC could overcome the piracy problem and achieve substantial sales figures, with a target of selling 100 thousand pieces by the end of the year. The response from fans and the community at large indicated strong support for the club’s efforts to address economic challenges and combat illegal practices in the industry.

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