2024 FAS-CGH Basic Sports Trainer Course: Football Association of Singapore

Football Association of Singapore (FAS) Concludes Basic Sports Trainer Course in Collaboration with Singapore Sports Medicine Center

The recently concluded Basic Sports Trainer Course, organized by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) in collaboration with the Singapore Sports Medicine Center, provided 16 participants with valuable insights into sports training and injury management. Held at Jalan Besar Stadium, the course, facilitated by Senior Principal Physiotherapist Elaine Gomez and Principal Physiotherapist Huma Kathiwala, covered topics such as the role of a sports trainer in injury prevention and management, basic anatomy, massage, and on-field management.

Participants engaged in discussions, practical applications, and scenarios to ensure they could effectively apply their knowledge. The course culminated in theory and practical assessments to evaluate each participant’s competency in injury prevention and management. Aiming to equip individuals with the necessary skills to handle their roles efficiently, the assessments were crucial in determining their readiness for real-world situations.


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