Qatar Stars League Foundation partners with Qatar ESF

Partnership between Qatar Stars League Foundation and Qatar Electronic Sports Federation to Develop E-Sports Sector

The Qatar Stars League Foundation and the Qatar Electronic Sports Federation have inked a partnership deal to elevate the e-sports scene in Qatar. This collaboration seeks to leverage the expertise and resources of both entities in organizing tournaments and competitions within the electronic sports realm.

This agreement signifies a significant step foray into the domain of e-sports for the Qatar Stars League Foundation, aiming to broaden participation, enhance skills, and cultivate talents in this increasingly popular arena. It also bodes well for the support of clubs and the Qatari e-sports team.

Hassan Rabiah Al Kuwari, the Executive Director of Sales, Marketing, and Communications at the Qatar Stars League, commended the efforts of the Qatar Electronic Sports Federation in diversifying and expanding the participant base. He expressed delight in formalizing this collaboration, which seeks to nurture talents, facilitate joint initiatives, and bolster the Qatari e-football team on official platforms.

Faisal Khaled, the Secretary General of the Qatar Electronic Sports Federation, emphasized the strategic importance of partnering with the Qatar Stars League Foundation to foster talent development and raise awareness among clubs regarding the significance of e-sports. This agreement is poised to launch official leagues and tournaments while harnessing the organizational prowess of both entities.

The growth of e-sports locally and globally underscores the critical role it plays in the contemporary football landscape. The Federation lauded the Qatar Stars League Foundation for their support and dedication to advancing the vision of e-sports in Qatar. With mutual objectives in sight, this partnership sets the groundwork for propelling the evolution of e-sports within the State of Qatar.

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