Philip Chan Siu-kwan Criticizes HK Football Governance and Lack of Vision

Philip Chan Siu-kwan Criticizes Hong Kong Football Governance and Calls for Change

Hong Kong footballer Philip Chan Siu-kwan criticizes the local governing body for lacking vision and urgency in supporting players and improving the football ecosystem. Chan, a standout performer at the Asian Cup, believes the ban on gambling on local football should be relaxed to attract more investment.

He advocates for legalizing gambling on Hong Kong Premier League matches to increase public interest and provide clubs with additional revenue. While the government granted the Jockey Club permission to operate markets on overseas matches in 2003, concerns about match-fixing have hindered progress on allowing betting on local fixtures.

Chan emphasizes the need for better support for players, improved broadcast deals, more sponsors, and greater attention to elevate the status of football in Hong Kong. He highlights the current challenges faced by clubs, including poor pitches and limited training facilities, urging stakeholders to step up and drive positive changes.

The midfielder also agrees with his international coach, Jorn Andersen, on reducing the number of foreign players allowed in league line-ups to create more opportunities for local talents. Chan envisions a better future for Hong Kong football, where homegrown players can thrive and the sport is respected on a larger scale.

Despite the obstacles and frustrations expressed by Chan, he remains hopeful for improvements in the football landscape of Hong Kong. As a key player representing his country, Chan is determined to make a difference and push for rapid advancements in the sport. The FA and government have been called upon to address the issues raised by Chan and work towards a brighter future for football in Hong Kong.

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