Perak FC to Play at MPM Stadium for 2024-2025 Super League Seas

Perak FC to Play at Manjung Municipal Council Stadium for 2024-2025 Super League Season

Perak FC is set to move their home games to the Manjung Municipal Council Stadium for the upcoming Super League season due to planned improvements at their usual stadium, The Bos Gaurus Stadium. The upgrades, which include replacing the grass and enhancing the drainage system, are confirmed by Perak’s Youth and Sports Exco, Khairudin Abu Hanipah.

The MPM Stadium will serve as the temporary home for Perak FC until all the necessary upgrades at The Bos Gaurus Stadium are completed. Discussions with the Ministry of Youth and Sports are set to take place before the upgrade process commences.

Khairudin Abu Hanipah mentioned that the upcoming meeting with KBS will involve discussing the stadium upgrade plans, including the grass replacement and other necessary enhancements. The aim is to gather input from various parties, including Perak FC, to ensure the improvements result in a top-notch facility.

Perak had previously agreed to a RM500,000 grant from KBS to facilitate the upgrades at The Bos Gaurus Stadium. The approval for this funding was given by the Perak State Government Meeting Council last month, highlighting the importance of the stadium enhancements for the upcoming season.

As Perak FC prepares for the 2024-2025 Super League season, the temporary move to the MPM Stadium will provide a suitable environment for the team to continue their performance while their home stadium undergoes significant upgrades. The focus on improving the stadium’s infrastructure demonstrates Perak’s commitment to providing a top-quality venue for players and fans alike. With ongoing discussions and plans in place, the future looks bright for Perak FC and their home stadium.

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