MFL CEO: No Promotion for M3 League to Super League Next Season

No Promotion for M3 League Teams to Super League Next Season, Says MFL CEO

The CEO of the MFL, Datuk Stuart Ramalingam, has indicated that no team from the M3 League, including league champions Immigration FC, will be promoted to the Super League next season. This decision stems from the failure of M3 League teams to submit the necessary documents by the specified deadline.

Promotion and relegation in the league are contingent upon the AFL license, with teams needing to obtain this license before being eligible for promotion. As a result, TRW Kelantan, currently at the bottom of the Super League with only 8 points from 22 matches, may retain their spot in the league.

Stuart stressed the importance of teams adhering to deadlines and fulfilling licensing requirements in order to ensure the integrity and stability of the league competition. Despite expectations for 14 teams to participate in the Super League next season, changes to the number of teams involved will be determined by national licensing conditions.

Furthermore, issues related to salary arrears faced by certain teams are also impacting club licensing, as financial criteria set by the MFL must be met. Reports have surfaced indicating that several Super League teams are experiencing delays in player salaries, ranging from one to three months, adding financial strain to the affected players.

In light of these developments, Stuart emphasized the significance of upholding integrity and licensing standards to uphold a competitive and sustainable league environment. As clubs strive to meet licensing requirements and navigate financial challenges, the future composition of the Super League remains subject to compliance with these essential criteria.

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