KLFA President and CEO Make Sacrifices to Resolve Salary Arrears

President and CEO Make Sacrifices to Solve KL City FC’s Salary Arrears Issue

Khalid Abdul Samad, President of KLFA, and Stanley Bernard Stephen Samuel, CEO of KL City FC, have made significant sacrifices to address the club’s salary arrears issue. They have personally taken out loans amounting to hundreds of thousands of ringgit to ensure that players are paid on time. The duo shared this information during a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium.

To alleviate the financial strain, Khalid and Stanley have adopted a step-by-step payment approach to settle the outstanding salaries. Khalid mentioned that he borrowed RM300,000, with Stanley likely doing the same. Additional sponsorships from small companies, totaling RM50,000, have also been secured to aid in covering the monthly player salaries of RM1.2 million.

The club is dedicated to ensuring that player salaries are not overdue by more than two months. While some players have yet to receive their August salaries, these will be settled by the following day at the latest. Plans for payment of September salaries will be disclosed on November 7, as the club navigates multiple funding sources and ensures a systematic payment process.

Currently positioned seventh in the 2023 Super League with 31 points, KL City aims to secure a spot in the Malaysia Cup 2023 final. Their recent match against Terengganu resulted in a 1-2 loss, as they strive to advance in the tournament under the leadership of Nenad Bacina. The team remains optimistic about their chances moving forward.

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