Hong Kong Football Overhaul: Coach Advocates Split, Fewer Foreigners

Hong Kong football requires a substantial revamp, according to head coach Jorn Andersen. Proposing a mid-season Premier League split and a limit on foreign players, Andersen aims to enhance the game’s local appeal and player capabilities.

Frustrated with one-sided matches, he suggests a top-six/bottom-five split for a more competitive second half. Andersen advocates scrapping one of the three cup competitions, conducting knockout matches midweek. He endorses fielding two local under-22 players in starting line-ups, promoting youth development.

While open to top clubs joining the Chinese Super League, Andersen rules out a Hong Kong team in the mainland competition. Highlighting the need for organizational improvements, he emphasizes reducing the gap between top and bottom teams and raising overall league quality. Andersen criticizes excessive cups, suggesting only one or two are sufficient to maintain fan interest.

Confident that enhancing standards will draw spectators back to stadiums, he stresses the importance of prioritizing Premier League matches on weekends. Andersen recognizes the potential impact of enforcing under-22 player selection, drawing inspiration from South Korea’s positive experience.

Despite his team’s impressive performance in the recent Asian Cup, Andersen laments the limited playing time young talents receive in Hong Kong. He urges players to engage in additional training outside official sessions. Currently, clubs can start six foreigners; Andersen deems this excessive and calls for a reduction to elevate local clubs’ quality.

While acknowledging financial constraints on centrally contracting players for the Chinese Super League, Andersen believes a club’s entry is the best route for improvement. He places responsibility on the Football Association and clubs to instigate necessary changes, emphasizing the need for a collective effort.

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