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Lessons from Princess Abeer’s Antarctic Expedition: From Sand Dunes to Melting Glaciers

Princess Abeer bint Saud bin Farhan Al-Saud has made history as the first person from Saudi Arabia and the wider Gulf region to embark on a research expedition to Antarctica. In a voyage led by Homeward Bound, an Australian organization advocating women’s leadership in STEMM, Princess Abeer joined 80 individuals from 18 countries on a journey to the remote corners of the Antarctic continent in November.

The expedition, which set sail from Puerto Madryn, Argentina, brought together professionals from various fields such as astronomers, oceanographers, glaciologists, and marine biologists. Collaborating on projects related to climate change and biodiversity, the team’s efforts culminated in advocacy at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai.

With a focus on raising awareness about climate action and environmental sustainability, Princess Abeer emphasized the importance of a peace pact with nature. Drawing upon her background in international development and UN agency work, she highlighted the necessity of aligning efforts with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 through organizations like the Sustainable Development Association (Talga).

During the expedition, Princess Abeer and her companions encountered challenges like a storm in the Drake Passage, showcasing the power of nature and the resilience required to navigate such obstacles. Despite facing adversity, she found inspiration in the unity and hospitality of her fellow explorers, drawing parallels between the icy desert of Antarctica and the sandy deserts of her homeland.

Exploring Antarctica’s diverse ecosystems, Princess Abeer witnessed firsthand the impact of climate change on wildlife and habitats. From humpback whales to penguin colonies, she marveled at the raw beauty and fragile balance of the icy continent. Reflecting on the interconnectedness of global ecosystems, she stressed the urgent need for cross-sectoral action to combat climate change and preserve the planet for future generations.

As Princess Abeer returned from her Antarctic expedition, she carried with her a powerful message: the time has come to make a peace pact with nature and take decisive action to protect the planet. With a call for collective responsibility and sustainable practices, she underscored the shared fate of all regions impacted by climate change. In a world where what happens in Antarctica resonates globally, Princess Abeer’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the urgency to safeguard our environment and secure a sustainable future.

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