Galtier on Al-Arabi match: Chance to bounce back with victories

Al Duhail Coach and Player Discuss Team’s Readiness for Match against Al Arabi

Al Duhail coach Christophe Galtier expressed confidence in his team’s readiness for the upcoming match against Al Arabi following the league’s return. Galtier highlighted the extensive seven-week preparation period during the Asian Cup pause, where the Qatari team secured the title. Addressing the press, he emphasized the importance of integrating returning national team players for future games.

During the preparation phase, the team faced strong opponents like Zenit and Shanghai, prompting adjustments to enhance the team’s structure. The signing of Verissimo aims to bolster the defensive line, with a strategic reorganization to improve overall performance. Galtier emphasized the significance of the upcoming game against Al-Arabi as an opportunity to regain momentum and strive for a better season finish.

Newcomer Verissimo, who trained with the team beforehand, is set to make an impact on the field. In response, player Ismail Muhammad acknowledged the team’s dissatisfaction with their current league standing. Despite challenges, the team is fully prepared, with a unified approach between players and coaching staff, aiming for victory and improved performance in the match.

Muhammad emphasized the necessity of a professional mindset to overcome any fatigue and execute the technical staff’s plan effectively. The collective goal for Al-Duhail is to bounce back from setbacks and focus on securing wins in upcoming fixtures. The team’s determination to rise above obstacles and strive for success remains unwavering.

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