Da Silva, Muaither coach: Ready for tough match vs Al Markhiya

Muaither Club’s Technical Director Discusses Upcoming Match against Al Markhiya Club

Muaither Club’s technical director, Jorge da Silva, is gearing up for a tough match against Al Markhiya Club in the upcoming week of the Expo Stars League. Da Silva emphasized the importance of this match as a potential six-pointer to help his team climb up the rankings and secure their spot in a safer position. The team is looking to break out of their current slump and gain momentum for the rest of the season.

With the addition of new players to the squad, Da Silva is confident in the team’s abilities and believes that they are now stronger than ever. The players have been dedicated to training and following instructions, leading to better understanding and teamwork on the field. Da Silva expressed his optimism about the upcoming matches and their chances of achieving their goals together as a club.

Yazan Al-Arab, a recent addition to Muaither Club, shared his excitement about playing in Qatar and the Expo Stars League. He sees this as a new challenge in his career and is determined to make a positive impact on the team’s performance. Al-Arab acknowledged the importance of the upcoming match against Al Markhiya and highlighted the need for a strong team effort to secure the much-needed three points.

Reflecting on past matches, Al-Arab pointed out the team’s good performances but acknowledged that lapses in concentration have cost them points. However, he is determined to learn from these mistakes and improve in their upcoming games. With the support of the coaching staff and his fellow players, Al-Arab is confident that they can turn things around for Muaither Club and achieve their collective ambitions on the field.

As the team prepares for the crucial clash against Al Markhiya, both players and staff are focused on delivering a strong performance and securing a vital victory. The match is seen as a stepping stone towards their goal of moving up the league table and reaching a more favorable position. With hard work, dedication, and teamwork, Muaither Club is ready to face the challenges ahead and strive for success in the Expo Stars League.

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