Argentina’s football team to visit US following cancellation of China friendlies due to dispute with Lionel Messi

Argentina National Team to Play Friendlies in the United States after China Cancels Matches in Messi Spat

The saga of Lionel Messi and the Chinese cancelation of matches has led to an exciting turn of events for the Argentine national team. The AFA announced that the world champions will be playing two friendlies in the United States in March, after the fallout with China.

On March 22, Argentina will face El Salvador in Philadelphia, followed by a match against Nigeria in Los Angeles four days later. These games come as a replacement for the canceled matches in China, where Messi’s absence sparked controversy.

The eight-time Ballon d’Or winner’s decision to sit out the match in Hong Kong due to injury led to a backlash from fans, who had eagerly anticipated his presence. Despite Messi’s explanation, the fallout from the incident ultimately led to the cancellation of the scheduled matches in China.

However, this turn of events has presented a new opportunity for fans in the United States to witness the Argentine superstar in action. Tickets for the upcoming friendlies are selling at a premium, with prices soaring as high as US$8,400 for the Peru match in Miami.

Moreover, Messi’s impact goes beyond the field, as his presence in MLS has attracted a surge in subscriptions for Apple TV’s collaboration with the league. His move to Inter Miami has paved the way for other clubs to follow suit and invest in top international talent, as seen with the recruitment of players like Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, and Luis Suarez.

The interest and investment in international talents like Messi are reshaping the landscape of MLS, prompting discussions about potential changes to salary caps and roster rules to accommodate big-name signings. While the league aims for sustainable growth, the allure of top players like Messi is undeniable, driving viewership and revenue for both the league and its broadcasting partners.

As the Argentine national team prepares for the Copa America in the United States later this year, the anticipation and excitement surrounding Messi’s presence continue to grow. His influence transcends borders and languages, captivating audiences worldwide and propelling the sport of football to new heights. The upcoming friendlies in the US will be a showcase of talent and passion, reaffirming Messi’s status as a global icon in the world of football.

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