Oman to Host SOCCA World Cup, Showcasing Amateur Football Excellence

Oman announced it will host the 5th edition of the Six-Six Amateur Football World Cup (SOCCA) in December. Under FIFA’s supervision and in collaboration with the Ministries of Culture, Sports, and Youth, and Heritage and Tourism, the tournament aims to showcase football excellence.

Julia Coulter, SOCA’s International Development Director, highlighted the significance of Oman being the first Middle East and Asia host, anticipating a unique experience supported by local authorities and football enthusiasts.

Coulter expects a substantial impact on Oman, with extensive international media coverage and the participation of numerous amateur players from 48 teams worldwide.

Walid Al-Obaidani, President of the Soka Federation of the Middle East, emphasized Oman meeting organizational and technical requirements, emphasizing the economic and touristic benefits of hosting such tournaments.

The 10-day event promises to captivate audiences and boost Oman’s standing in the global football community.


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