Ramdhan’s Perak FC Dream: From PDRM Success to Striving for Mainstay

Ramdhan Ab Hamid, the new goalkeeper for Perak FC, expressed the weight on his heart as he departed PDRM FC to embrace the opportunity with Perak FC this season. At 30 years old, Ramdhan acknowledged that joining a prestigious club like Perak, with its illustrious history of eight Malaysia Cup championships, was a dream come true.

Despite a fruitful year with PDRM FC, marked by securing victory in the MFL Challenge Cup against Kuching City FC, Ramdhan found himself reflecting on his journey. Perak FC emerged as a beacon for him, helping resurrect his career after grappling for a spot in the starting lineup with previous clubs like Kedah Darul Aman FC and Penang FC.

Ramdhan admitted to being taken aback by Perak’s swift offer, especially as he had received two other offers that were solely discussed over the phone. Perak’s promptness surprised him, forcing him to carefully ponder the unexpected offer. Leaving PDRM FC, a team that played a pivotal role in his rise, was a challenging decision for the goalkeeper.

Reflecting on the transition, Ramdhan recognized the difficulty of securing a spot as the primary choice under manager Yusri Che Lah. Yusri, known for his emphasis on player discipline, became a critical figure in Ramdhan’s journey. The goalkeeper had previously worked under Yusri’s management during the 2018 season when he played for Kelantan before migrating to Kedah.

Ramdhan spoke highly of Yusri, acknowledging his strict nature while emphasizing the coach’s significant impact on player discipline. Despite the challenges ahead, Ramdhan expressed his commitment to perform at his best during training sessions, recognizing the importance of maintaining peak form to secure a spot in the starting lineup.

In navigating this pivotal phase of his career, Ramdhan remains grateful to PDRM FC for the instrumental role they played in shaping his trajectory. Now, with Perak FC, he aspires to contribute to the team’s success and elevate both himself and the club to new heights in Malaysian football.

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