Reconnecting with the Community: Perth Glory’s Revival under Ross Pelligra

Reconnecting with the Community: Ross Pelligra’s Vision for Perth Glory

After acquiring Perth Glory, Ross Pelligra shared his vision for the club in his first interview, emphasizing community engagement and restoring the club to its former glory. Here are the key points from his interview:

Pelligra Group Acquires Perth Glory

The Pelligra Group, a family-owned business with interests in various sports clubs globally, has taken ownership of Perth Glory in the Australian A-League. With a 100% share in Catania Football Club s.r.l. in Europe and ownership in basketball, baseball, and ice hockey clubs in Australia, the group aims to leverage diverse sports connections for youth development and community involvement.

Restoring Glory Days

Ross Pelligra expressed his commitment to reviving Perth Glory’s legacy and reconnecting it with the community. He highlighted the importance of honoring the club’s true values and identity while creating a vibrant atmosphere in the stadium akin to the passion shown by the fans in “The Shed.”

Community Ownership and Sustainability

Pelligra stressed the significance of the club belonging to the people of Perth and the entire region. He aimed to establish a sense of ownership among the community to ensure the club’s sustainability beyond his ownership. By fostering a strong connection with the fans and the state, Perth Glory seeks to stand independently and thrive for years to come.

Long-Term Goals

Looking ahead, Pelligra outlined his plans to enhance the matchday experience, drawing inspiration from the vibrant atmosphere at Catania games. His vision includes engaging the entire stadium to create an entertaining and passionate environment that reflects the club’s values and traditions.

With a focus on community involvement, identity preservation, and long-term sustainability, Ross Pelligra aims to lead Perth Glory towards a bright future both on and off the field.

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