FC Barcelona Eyes Brighton Coach Roberto De Zerbi for Managerial Position

FC Barcelona Eyes Brighton Coach Roberto De Zerbi

Brighton’s highly-rated coach Roberto De Zerbi is making waves in the football world as FC Barcelona reportedly eyes him as a potential replacement for Xavi Hernandez at the end of the season.

Roberto De Zerbi is known for his tactical acumen and ability to develop young talent, traits that have caught the attention of top clubs like FC Barcelona.

Interest from Barcelona

Ahmed Assiri, the former Sporting Director of FC Barcelona, Ramon Planes, who is currently with Al-Ittihad, had previously considered De Zerbi for the managerial position at Barça back in 2020. Planes views De Zerbi as a coach with a promising future and the potential to bring back the style of play that Barcelona is known for.

Francesc Aguilar also mentioned on ESPN that Barcelona has a keen interest in Sassuolo’s coach, Roberto De Zerbi, further solidifying the rumors surrounding the potential move.

Background on Roberto De Zerbi

Roberto De Zerbi has been instrumental in Brighton’s recent success, implementing a possession-based style of play and focusing on player development. His innovative tactics and strategic approach have garnered attention from clubs across Europe.

With a strong belief in attacking football and nurturing young talent, De Zerbi could be the perfect fit for a club like FC Barcelona, known for its commitment to attractive, possession-based soccer.

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