Al-Ahli, Chelsea, and PSG Compete for Napoli Striker Victor Osimhen

Al-Ahli Interested in Napoli Striker Victor Osimhen

Al-Ahli, a football club, is reportedly prioritizing the acquisition of Napoli star striker, Victor Osimhen. However, they face tough competition for his signature, as he is considered the best attacking option in the market.

According to transfer expert Rudy Galetti, Chelsea has decided to speed up their pursuit of Osimhen to preempt the interest of Paris Saint-Germain.

Chelsea is prepared to activate Osimhen’s release clause of 130 million euros and is planning to approach Napoli for negotiations, as reported by Galetti.

Competition for Osimhen

Victor Osimhen’s impressive performances for Napoli have attracted the attention of several top clubs in Europe. Al-Ahli, from the Saudi Pro League, is keen on securing his services, but they face intense competition.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), one of the most successful clubs in France, is also interested in Osimhen. Chelsea, recognizing the competition, seeks to accelerate their efforts to sign the Nigerian striker.

Chelsea’s Pursuit

Chelsea Football Club has identified Victor Osimhen as their primary target for the upcoming transfer window. They are willing to activate his release clause of 130 million euros, indicating their seriousness in acquiring the player.

If Chelsea succeeds in signing Osimhen, they will significantly strengthen their attacking options. The Nigerian striker has showcased his goal-scoring abilities at Napoli and has emerged as one of the most sought-after talents in European football.

Given Osimhen’s potential and his ability to score goals consistently, Chelsea wants to secure his services before PSG or other clubs can make their move.

Al-Ahli’s Interest

Al-Ahli, from the Saudi Pro League, has expressed a strong desire to bring Victor Osimhen to their team. They see him as the perfect addition to boost their attacking prowess for the upcoming season.

Al-Ahli competes in a highly competitive league and recognizes Osimhen’s talent and goal-scoring ability, making him a perfect fit for their squad.

While Al-Ahli faces tough competition from Chelsea and PSG, they are expected to make a convincing offer to Napoli to secure Osimhen’s services.

Napoli’s Decision

Napoli, the Italian Serie A club, now faces a difficult decision. With multiple clubs vying for Osimhen’s signature, they must carefully consider their options before making any decisions.

If Chelsea decides to trigger Osimhen’s release clause, Napoli will need to negotiate with them and consider the financial aspects of the deal. The Italian club must determine whether the potential transfer fee is satisfactory, given Osimhen’s performances and market value.

Ultimately, the decision lies with Napoli, and they will need to evaluate each club’s offers and ascertain which one best suits their interests.


The pursuit of Victor Osimhen by Al-Ahli, Chelsea, and PSG highlights the player’s value and potential in the current football market. Al-Ahli seeks to bolster their attacking options, while Chelsea and PSG recognize his talent and want to secure his services.

It remains to be seen which club will ultimately succeed in signing Osimhen, but one thing is clear – the Nigerian striker is in high demand and will likely command a significant transfer fee.

As negotiations and discussions progress, football fans and pundits eagerly await the outcome, as it could have a significant impact on the teams involved and the upcoming season.

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