Roberto Firmino’s Goal Drought: Al-Ahli’s Struggle and Recent Loss

Roberto Firmino’s Goal Drought Continues in Al-Ahli’s Loss


The superstar striker Roberto Firmino of Al-Ahli has been struggling to find the back of the net since his outstanding hat-trick in his Saudi Professional League debut against Al-Hazem in the first round. Despite managing to score a penalty against Al-Okhdoud, his team suffered a 3-2 defeat.

Goalless Streak

Since his memorable performance in the first game of the season, Firmino has been unable to replicate his goal-scoring success. The Brazilian forward, known affectionately as ‘Bobby’, has notched up several appearances for Al-Ahli but has been unfortunate in finding the net.

Al-Ahli’s Loss to Al-Okhdoud

In the recent match against Al-Okhdoud, Firmino managed to break his goalless streak by converting a penalty. A video of the goal can be seen below. However, despite Firmino’s contribution, Al-Ahli fell short and suffered a disappointing 3-2 defeat. The loss is a setback for the team as they aim to secure a higher position in the Saudi Professional League.

Video: Firmino’s Penalty Goal

Al-Ahli’s Recent Matches

Al-Ahli, one of the top teams in the Saudi Professional League, has been facing challenging opponents in recent matches. The team’s performance has been a topic of discussion among football fans and experts. They have struggled to secure victories, with their loss to Al-Okhdoud being the latest disappointment.

Competition from Mid-Table Side

The defeat against Al-Okhdoud highlights the competitive nature of the Saudi Pro League. Despite being a mid-table side, Al-Okhdoud proved to be a formidable opponent for Al-Ahli. This result serves as a reminder that every team in the league is capable of causing upsets and posing challenges.

Other Players and Debut Performance

While Firmino has been in the spotlight due to his goal drought, it is important to acknowledge the contributions of other players in Al-Ahli. Ivan Rakitic, who recently made his debut in the Saudi Pro League, has already made an impact by scoring the match-winning goal in his first game. His successful debut has generated excitement among Al-Ahli fans.

Upcoming Matches and Expectations

As Al-Ahli continues its Saudi Pro League campaign, fans and supporters are eagerly anticipating Firmino’s return to goal-scoring form. The team’s upcoming matches will provide opportunities for Firmino and the rest of the squad to showcase their abilities and secure important victories.


Roberto Firmino’s goal drought continues in the Saudi Professional League, with the exception of a penalty goal against Al-Okhdoud. While Firmino’s individual performance has been closely scrutinized, Al-Ahli’s recent loss underscores the competitiveness of the league and the need for collective effort from the entire team. Fans will be hoping that Firmino rediscovers his scoring touch and helps Al-Ahli bounce back in the upcoming matches.

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