Riyad Mahrez’s Wife Shares Saudi Arabia Experience Post Move

Taylor Ward opens up about life in the Middle East after Riyad Mahrez’s move to Al-Ahli (Amazon Prime Docuseries)

Riyad Mahrez’s move to Saudi Pro League side Al-Ahli from Manchester City sparked a whirlwind of emotions for his wife Taylor Ward. In a revealing moment captured in the trailer for an Amazon Prime Video docuseries titled ‘Married to the Game’, Ward expressed feeling “overwhelmed” after Mahrez broke the news to her about the transfer.

The clip shows Mahrez informing Ward that they would be relocating to Saudi Arabia, with Ward visibly taken aback by the sudden change of plans. The winger’s response to her concerns, a simple “It’s part of the game innit”, left Ward haunted by the abruptness of the decision.

Reflecting on the moment, Ward admitted to the Daily Mail that the news came as a massive shock, completely upending their previous plans. From preparing for Mahrez’s return to pre-season training with Manchester City to suddenly facing a move to Saudi Arabia, Ward found herself on an emotional rollercoaster.

Despite her initial reservations, Ward confessed to being surprised by the move and the lifestyle in Saudi Arabia. While missing the bustling social scene of Manchester and the company of family and friends, she acknowledged the more laid-back atmosphere of their new surroundings.

Additionally, Ward highlighted the unexpected relaxation of certain rules in Saudi Arabia, contrary to her initial concerns. The couple’s adjustment to the new environment has been a learning experience, with Ward finding comfort in the calmer pace of life despite the challenges of being far from loved ones.

As Mahrez continues his football journey in the Middle East alongside fellow stars like Roberto Firmino and Allan Saint-Maximin, Ward navigates the complexities of adapting to a new country and lifestyle. The docuseries promises an intimate look at the highs and lows of being “Married to the Game” as a Premier League player’s partner, shedding light on the personal sacrifices and adjustments required in the world of professional football.

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