Danilo: European Career Finale Plans Amidst Saudi Interest

Danilo hints at finishing his career in Europe

Former Real Madrid and current Juventus defender Danilo, who has been targeted by the Saudi Professional League in the winter transfer window, has recently commented on his future, revealing that he might end his career in Europe.

Danilo, known for his defensive skills and versatility, has had a successful career in Europe so far, playing for top clubs like Real Madrid and Juventus.

Targeted by the Saudi Professional League

In recent months, there have been reports that the Saudi Professional League is interested in signing Danilo during the winter transfer window. The league has been making efforts to attract top players from around the world to enhance the quality of their competition.

Danilo’s thoughts on his future

However, despite the interest from the Saudi Professional League, Danilo has expressed his desire to continue playing in Europe and potentially finish his career there. This decision indicates his commitment to the highest level of football and his desire to continue competing at the top level.

Danilo mentioned that although he has a strong connection to his first club, América Mineiro, he is currently focused on his career in Europe and does not intend to return to Brazil at the moment.

Success in Europe

Danilo’s choice to prioritize playing in Europe is not surprising, considering his successful stints at Real Madrid and Juventus. At Real Madrid, he won multiple titles, including three Champions League trophies. He then moved to Juventus where he has continued to perform at a high level, helping the team in their domestic and European campaigns.

Future prospects

As Danilo enters the later stages of his career, his comments about finishing in Europe suggest that he still has a few more years left at the top level. His defensive abilities and versatility make him an asset to any team, and it will be interesting to see where he decides to continue his career.


Danilo’s recent comments about his future provide insight into his plans and aspirations. Despite interest from the Saudi Professional League, Danilo seems determined to finish his career in Europe, where he has achieved success and continues to compete at the highest level. As a highly skilled and versatile defender, Danilo’s decision will surely attract attention from various clubs, and fans will eagerly watch where he chooses to play next.

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