Al-Shabab Midfielder Ivan Rakitic Scores Game-Winning Goal in Debut, Gabri Veiga Forced to Leave the Pitch, and Roberto Firmino Ends Goal-Drought

Al-Shabab midfielder Ivan Rakitic scores game-winning goal in debut

Al-Shabab superstar midfielder Ivan Rakitic has commented through the microphones of the SSC channels,
after scoring the game-winning goal in his debut with The White Lions, this Friday.

Rakitic expressed his excitement about his first goal for the team and dedicated the victory to the fans.
He mentioned that he had promised the club president to score his first goal during the Damac match,
and he was able to fulfill that promise. Rakitic was grateful for the warm reception he received
from the fans and stated that he looks forward to making them happy in the future.
He also expressed his desire to be a strong addition to the team.

Gabri Veiga forced to leave the pitch

In other news, Gabri Veiga, a player from Al-Shabab, was forced to leave the pitch on Friday.
The details of his injury or incident are not mentioned in the article, but it highlights his departure
as an important event during the game.

Roberto Firmino ends goal-drought with a goal

Another notable event during the game was Roberto Firmino scoring a goal. The article mentions
that Firmino had recently experienced a goal-drought, but he was finally able to find the back of the net
again in this match. The goal from Firmino would certainly have been a boost for his confidence
and a welcomed sight for both the team and the fans.

Al-Ahli fall short in Saudi Pro League return

The article briefly mentions that Al-Ahli, another football team, fell short in their return to
the Saudi Pro League against a mid-table side. The specific details about the match result and
goalscorers are not provided in this article, but it suggests that Al-Ahli did not achieve the desired outcome.

Competition Background

The Damac match mentioned by Rakitic is part of a football competition. Although the article
does not provide specific details about this competition, it can be inferred that it is one of the
matches played in a league or tournament where Al-Shabab participates.


The Al-Shabab team, referred to as The White Lions, is the team Rakitic plays for. It is a well-known
team and their fans were mentioned multiple times in the article. Al-Ahli, the team mentioned in the
last section, is also a notable football team participating in the Saudi Pro League.


Ivan Rakitic, a superstar midfielder, made his debut with Al-Shabab in this match and scored the
game-winning goal. Roberto Firmino, another player mentioned in the article, ended his goal-drought
by scoring in the game. Although Gabri Veiga was not discussed in detail, his departure from the pitch
was deemed significant.


In summary, Al-Shabab midfielder Ivan Rakitic had a successful debut by scoring the game-winning goal.
He dedicated the victory to the fans and expressed his desire to continue making them happy.
The article also mentions the departure of Gabri Veiga and Roberto Firmino’s goal after a long goal-drought.
Additionally, Al-Ahli fell short in their return to the Saudi Pro League against a mid-table side.

Overall, the article provides insights into the recent performances and events in the world of football,
highlighting the contributions of Rakitic and Firmino while acknowledging the challenges faced by other teams.

Mohamed Suez

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