Steven Gerrard Reflects on Al-Ettifaq’s First Victory as Coach in Saudi Professional League

Steven Gerrard Reflects on First Victory as Al-Ettifaq Coach

Al-Ettifaq coach Steven Gerrard has addressed the media in a post-match press conference about his team’s first victory after the half-season break against Al-Khaleej in the Saudi Professional League.

Gerrard acknowledged that they faced a tough opponent in Al-Khaleej, who have talented players performing at a high level in the Roshn Professional League this season. He praised their organization on the pitch and recognized their quality.

The coach expressed his satisfaction with the team’s progress during the break, mentioning that they made good use of the time off to work on various aspects of their game. He emphasized the importance of building harmony within the team and stated that everything is currently going well.

Gerrard also highlighted the presence of special players within the club, indicating that they have individuals capable of making a significant impact on matches.

Ahmed Hegazy’s Comments on Champions League Draw

Ahmed Hegazy, a player for Al-Ettifaq, shared his thoughts on the Champions League draw. He mentioned that their approach in the match was more attacking in order to secure a victory. However, he did not elaborate on the outcome of the draw or provide further details.

Aleksandar Mitrovic’s Performance Against Sepahan

Aleksandar Mitrovic, another player from Al-Ettifaq, had an impressive performance in a recent Champions League match against Sepahan. The article refers to a detailed statistical breakdown of Mitrovic’s contributions during the game. Unfortunately, specific statistics and details are not provided in the summary.

N’Golo Kanté’s Thoughts on the Match Against Navbahor

N’Golo Kanté, a prominent player in Al-Ettifaq, shared his perspective on the match against Navbahor. He acknowledged that it was a challenging game, although further information regarding the specifics of the match or Kanté’s individual performance is not provided.

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