Al-Hilal Coach Jorge Jesus Reflects on AFC Champions League Victory

Al-Hilal Coach Jorge Jesus Speaks about AFC Champions League Victory

Al-Hilal coach Jorge Jesus attended the post-match press conference to discuss his team’s important victory against Sepahan in the AFC Champions League knock-out stage first-leg game. Despite the win, Jesus emphasized that qualification for the next round has not yet been decided and there is still another confrontation awaiting them next week.

A Well-Deserved Victory

Jesus expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his team, stating, “We achieved a well-deserved victory against an organized competitor at all levels. The team played with great efficiency, and we succeeded in showing Al Hilal’s strength.” He highlighted the team’s strong performance in both halves.

Improvement and Outstanding Performance

The coach praised the individual performance of Abdullah Al-Hamdan, stating, “Abdullah Al-Hamdan played an outstanding match. He is improving a lot, and I am happy with what he is presenting.” Al-Hamdan’s contribution was vital to the team’s success in the game.

The Next Game: Al-Hilal vs Neymar’s Team

In other news, Steven Gerrard, a prominent football figure, shared his thoughts on the upcoming game between Al-Hilal and Neymar’s team. Gerrard expressed his anticipation for the match, highlighting the clash between two top teams and the talent of players like Neymar. This highly anticipated game is expected to draw a lot of attention from fans and football enthusiasts.

Steven Gerrard’s First Victory

Gerrard also expressed his satisfaction with his team’s first victory after the half-season break. The win rejuvenated the spirits of the team and marked a positive start for the rest of the season. Gerrard’s presence and leadership have had a positive impact on the performance of his players, resulting in a successful outcome.

Ahmed Hegazy’s Comments on the Champions League Draw

Ahmed Hegazy, a player from another team in the Champions League, shared his thoughts on the recent draw. He mentioned that his team attacked more than their opponents in order to secure a win in the match. Despite their efforts, luck did not favor them on that occasion. Hegazy’s comments highlight the competitiveness and determination of teams in the Champions League.


The AFC Champions League continues to provide exciting matches and captivating moments for football fans. Coaches like Jorge Jesus analyze their team’s performances, while legendary players such as Steven Gerrard share their insights and expectations for upcoming games. Ahmed Hegazy’s comments demonstrate the spirit and determination exhibited by players in the competition. With the tournament still ongoing, fans can look forward to more thrilling matches and memorable performances from their favorite teams and players.

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