Unveiling the causes of frequent injuries among Vietnamese players

Challenges Faced by Vietnamese Footballers Due to Lack of Medical Support

The recent Asian Cup saw Vietnam’s national team facing challenges due to key players being sidelined with injuries. Coach Philippe Troussier had to navigate the tournament without crucial figures like goalkeeper Dang Van Lam, midfielder Que Ngoc Hai, captain Nguyen Hoang Duc, and striker Nguyen Tien Linh. The absence of these experienced players undoubtedly impacted the team’s performance in Qatar.

Experts attribute the high rate of player injuries in Vietnamese football to the playing conditions in the V-League. The league environment is believed to exacerbate existing injuries and prolong recovery time for players, hampering their availability on the field. Moreover, the lack of investment in medical care by clubs further compounds the issue.

Clubs in the V-League have been criticized for not prioritizing player welfare. Despite the relatively low cost of hiring foreign therapists – estimated at around 800 million to over 1 billion VND per season per person – some clubs opt for cheaper alternatives. Instead of investing in proven medical experts, they often rely on internal staff whose qualifications are not clearly established.

Only a few teams, including The Cong, Viettel, CAHN, Hanoi FC, and Nam Dinh, have the financial means to engage foreign medical professionals for player health management. These clubs stand out for their commitment to ensuring the well-being of their athletes through access to international medical expertise.

In light of these challenges, it is evident that Vietnamese football needs to prioritize player welfare and invest in comprehensive medical care to mitigate the risk of injuries. By addressing the underlying issues contributing to player health concerns, clubs can better support their athletes and improve the overall quality of competition in the V-League.

Overall, the focus should be on creating a sustainable environment that safeguards players’ well-being and enables them to perform at their best on the field. As the football landscape continues to evolve, it is essential for clubs and authorities to prioritize the health and safety of athletes to elevate the sport in Vietnam.

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