Hoan Thanh Hoa unhappy with referee in loss to CAHN

Coach Velizar Popov Reflects on Thanh Hoa’s Defeat Against CAHN

Thanh Hoa faced a challenging match at Hang Day Stadium against a resurgent CAHN team and succumbed to a 1-3 defeat. The game was marred by controversy as Geovane’s challenge on Doan Ngoc Tan only resulted in a single yellow card. Coach Velizar Popov expressed disappointment, stating that the referee may have had a better view of the incident.

Popov also lamented Rimario’s yellow card, which rules him out of the next match against HAGL due to accumulating two previous bookings. Despite the setbacks, Popov emphasized the team’s commitment to performing well and competing at their best level in every game.

The coach acknowledged the absence of key players such as Thanh Diep and Van Loi, highlighting Thanh Hoa’s financial constraints compared to powerhouse clubs like CAHN. Despite these challenges, Popov praised his players for their effort and determination, striving to play attractive football regardless of the circumstances.

The defeat came at the hands of CAHN, managed by Kiatisuk Senamuang, adding to Thanh Hoa’s difficulties in the match. Popov’s frustrations with the officiating and disciplinary issues underscored the team’s uphill battle against stronger opposition.

As Thanh Hoa looks ahead to future matches, the absence of Rimario presents a setback in their lineup. With a commitment to performing admirably despite facing financial and personnel limitations, the team aims to showcase their best qualities on the pitch.

In a challenging season where obstacles are prevalent, Thanh Hoa’s resilience and determination shine through, offering hope for improved performances in the matches to come. Coach Popov’s words reflect a sense of pride in his players’ efforts and a belief in their ability to compete against tough adversaries in the league.

The encounter with CAHN served as a test of Thanh Hoa’s resolve and determination, revealing both their shortcomings and strengths in a competitive football landscape. Despite the outcome, the team’s spirit remains unbroken as they continue to push forward with a positive mentality and a desire to succeed against all odds.

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